man I'm rly vibin
retoots appreciated

Web 10 52 92

@viomi you look like you vibin! jealous! I'm afraid to show my face right now because of acne

@Skofrec bruh I used to struggle so hard with acne all the time. ur probs adorable tbh 馃挅

@viomi aww thanks ! I'm having a terrible self esteem night! it means a lot!

@Sylvhem Hehe thamks much, been feeling better about my flesh prison

@viomi extremely epic look what the heeeck!!!

@loki thank u loki u absolute sweetheart 馃ズ馃槏

@viomi my partner's name is ink are you being consumed by them?

@loki ah, no.. vI have been being consumed by the ink for many years.

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