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You mean people communicate with their voice and I have to react in real time??? No thank you, I much prefer taking 20 minutes to figure out how I actually feel about stuff before saying it or bypassing thought entirely by typing too fast to think, no middle ground please

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Masto: Shout into the endless void

Discord: Shout at a select list of people or a person directly

Twitter: Shout into a pit of angry vipers

Texting: oh god oh fuck who is texting me and why

Phone calls: No

Letters: Probably spam

Talking face to face: Basically discord but like, in person??? who does that

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My gf has one of those little personal swamp coolers that you fill with water and it blows out cool air and I use it to cool my laptop while I play games (they work in dry environments and vegas is dry as shit)

Anyway, today is the second time I decided it would be a good idea to move it while it was full of water and basically dumped a glass full of water onto my desk

if pop music is so good how come there isnt a pop 2

I hate all queer representation in the media *unless* the actors and personalities are queer themselves

Slamming a cishet into the role of a trans person seems disingenuous and isn't accurate. Show us real queer people, not just crude caricatures and easily digestible stereotypes

I am filled with pure concentrated rage when they have cishets play the roles of queer people. This is especially potent when they choose a cis person for the role of a non-cis person. It feels like a punch in the teeth when they say "we love queer people but we're not gonna cast them because they're not acceptable enough"

who's player one

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#dailydraw they're probably gonna be sloppy for a while, while i keep learnin' blender

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Selfie in the same format as usual, this time with purple 

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i have been made aware of the best chrome extension and it's the one that replaces the youtube video progress bar with nyan cat

I need help. pick a color

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