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MH hosptilaztion, racism, bad Card game 

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someone called Risk of Rain "Threat of Wet" and now i refuse to call it anything else

inventing a time machine for the sole purpose of asking historical figures if they would self-identify as "femboys"

straight people just cant post "boys,,," or "girls...." like the gays can

here are some pronouns it is useful to know in standard forms of English:

I, me, my, mine, myself
you, your, yours, yourself
we, us, our, ours, ourself
it, its, itself
they, them, their, themselves
one, one's, oneself
someone, no-one, anyone, everyone
somebody, nobody, anybody, everybody
something, nothing, anything, everything
both, all, many, much, most, any, few, lots, some, none
here, there, where(, hence, thence, whence[, hither, thither, whither])
somewhere, nowhere, anywhere, everywhere
that, this, which
who, whose(, whom)
whoever(, whomever)

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to be clear, I don't think it's an inherent good to know what a pronoun is or an inherent evil to not know. thank God, we all speak our native langages fluently whether we can explain anything about them or not! linguistics is cool and I'm glad I studied it, but except when we push back on racism, elitism, xenophobia, and genocide in the forms it takes around language, the work linguists do is largely interesting... not useful.

it's just interesting how it is that putting Pronouns™ on the pedestal as a political buzzword has retracted general knowledge from around the concept like gingivitis.

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I'm not blaming this *on* trans people or trans activist work but there are ways in which Trans Visibility™ has created new and bizarre forms of ignorance. and I guess I would say Trans Visibility™ is the commodification, the hyping, the memeing, the recuperation of our work.

like, sloganizing something as content-free as "Respect pronouns!" has, as far as I can tell, obliterated what people-in-general once half-knew about pronouns. like I feel like fewer people today could say "a pronoun is a word which replaces a noun" than a decade ago. as much as that description is kind of vague, it's Something. it's the kind of definition that gestures at the idea that a pronoun describes something technical about language

at one point in the past, "pronoun" was an unremarkable term people vaguely associated with English class even if they couldn't define it. now, because of the context-less sloganizing of Trans Pronouns, there are literally people talking about how they don't use pronouns.

it's kind of cute to see how passionate a lot of you are about these new "computer" things, I just don't see much potential in the idea

@FirstProgenitor @ItsMorgan

delivering a fierce KIAI! every time i smash the toot button to disorient my foes. 😤

People who don’t know why the dbz people yell have never watched anyone do martial arts

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Tired: Making an "after dark" account for NSFW content.

Wired: Making an "after dark" account that's nothing but toots saying "I'm tired," "Woah, it's hard to see things," and "Just took some good shots of the moon."

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