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I worked a job that involved playing around 1500 hours of NBA 2K over the last 2 summers and despite not liking basketball I get a craving to play it again from time to time


Remember 98.css, a CSS library for building interfaces that look like Windows 98? Meet XP.css, an extention of 98.css. to bring back the XP style!!

[Carly Rae Jepsen voice]

Think I broke up with my gender today and I didn't care

Hey idk if any of you like sports but nba 2k20 is 95% off on the switch, this game is normally £50 and is now £2.50

nonbinary stuff 

oh god i played 18 hours straight of jurassic world evolution

@FirstProgenitor on the plus side, Illegal Nipples is one hell of a band name

the ghost of alan turing would like to remind you all that using a computer makes you gay

Hello yes if ur reading this, and are also a girl.. I'm ur gf now pls give me books to carry

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