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anyway not to subtoot but SOME PEOPLE on this site seem very nice and good

And even if they kiss they will still won't be sure the other like them

(Hi it's me on that one)

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I could also add :

*Later when lesbian 2 dm a friend*
- I think she doesn't like me, maybe she hate me for existing

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How lesbians work :

Lesbian 1 : I want to kiss you
Lesbian 2 : I want to kiss you too

And then they don't kiss

*Later when lesbian 1 dm a friend*
- I'm not sure if she's interested by me, maybe it's a friendship kiss

bro... bro, can you do me a solid? i’m gonna need you to wife me bro

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remember when they wanted to fix public transportation with buses on stilts

I’m keeping my profile birthday boy until I celebrate with my friends on Saturday

physics lab posting 

genitals shitpost 

this is the kind of thing that happened *all the fucking time* any time the dev team did any kind of aesthetic tweaks to the website

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Selfie, eye contact 

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