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i have personally made the decision to leave twitter, after being chased off the platform for my bad and hurtful opinions. this was entirely my choice

i identify a lot with dio brando because i also am a petty and vindictive twink who's up to no good

If you’re struggling to think of what to get someone for Christmas. Get them a fridge and watch their face light up when they open it.

i really feel bad for anyone who joins todon and the first thing they see is my dumbass toots

oof, is still on masto v2.5.0

i want to talk to people on here more but i'm really bad at initiating any kind of conversation and i'm pretty sure most of us are the same way so uh. hrm. ooh!

interact with this toot in any way and i WILL say hi to you. this is still not the weirdest threat i've ever made

Does anyone have a graphic of when the simple "click box" captcha fails so I don't need to shittily edit it myself

Las Vegas current events/politics, anti-homeless legislation 

leaked neo-nazi identifying information, The Guardian article 

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leaked neo-nazi identifying information, Bellingcat source 

under communism anyone can come into your house and steal your kins

i've yet to see a trans or enby person who wasn't cute as heck

@tifawt @violet gave me the url extension thingy that takes you to your first posts ! violet literally solves all of my technical complaints on here it's actually incredible

okay i arrived dec 5 2018 and my first post was, apparently "FUCK tumblr for never telling me there was a #fursonafriday"

i cant believe female presenting nipples brought me here

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I have this picture incase I see someone ranting about LGBTQ people on twitter or something. But just incase I dont get to use it for it's intended use here it is for you all to enjoy.

the 'admins can see DMs' is a hardware issue though right? like the database has to exist somewhere, and all toots have to be a part of the database or they don't exist. it's not like some huge hole was left there, or that some admin show DMs button exists

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