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hell yes Holly!!

We stan a queen who bulks up for hibernation!! 🎉💚🐻👑💚🎊

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the people who get really, genuinely upset about speedrun categories named "[something other than a number, 'low', or 'any']%" (example: mario odyssey's "nipple%") can die mad about it tbh

Tired of being asked to fix peoples’ computers? Usagi is here to help.

10cm vinyl sticker now available in my shop:

"please, Wednesday, I'm not well can I please please rest"

I'm gay, I'm a girl, a dragon, a shapeshifter and I'm a communist, what more could you want? :P

bimbofication is when youre turned into any of the foods from the company bimbo


Looking at other girls' butts is an underrated form of self care

turns out i cannot login to [] from my :newl: NEW! :newr: Nintendo 3DS using the default browser.

this is the literal definition of fursecution.

Personne : h
Les profs de philo :
thèse antithèse

Me, staying up late: Sleep is for the weak

Me, alarm going off in the morning: I could sleep for a week

Which is your fave?

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Does this work?

meme, ec, acab 

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