@ItsMorgan fuck i gotta learn to knife fight Just so i can stab weird cishet authors

ftr this is a subtoot. and it is about daniel bofa. yes i need to get new conversation topics lol

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everyone on mastodon has a secret number. that number is, if you ran your own instance, how many users you could bear before the stress of running an instance would cause you to slip on a banana peel and make a terrible take, double down on it, and post sad clown gifs about how you're not one of the cool kids anymore even as you continue to do the thing. there is no way to learn this number except for trial and error

except me, i'm fully aware that number is two

Goth girl selfie, eye contact, possibly suggestive, boost okay 

Irony Leftism (-) 

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Irony Leftism leading to racism (-) 

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Irony Leftism (-) 

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I've had goddamn enough of 'irony leftism.' Absolutely fucking enough. You know why? It's a trojan horse for reactionary racist positions.

I don't give a goddamn fuck if it brings your dopamine levels up, because this kinda shit ends up being endorsed and spreading like the plague.

selfies, ec, boosts++ 

be gay, do crime (bc it should be illegal for me to be this hot)

selfie, :BoostOK:

When I'm famous I'll go around signing my fans files with my pgp key

people: hello yes I would like to do an activity

the human body: ok that will cost you 3-5 days of unexplainable pain

lewd joke 

gamer posting 

hrt, body fluids, gross, joke 

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