antifa kissed my girlfriend on her cute snoot and told her that she's beautiful

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I don't pretend to know shit about photography but I just took this photo of my dog and I think it turned out pretty good

do you kiss your homies goodnight with that mouth bro

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Join the "Marry Me Movement" in 3 easy steps

- Marry me, an American woman
- Have children with me, an American woman
- Buy me a house so I can steal it from you in the divorce

Read the full essay explaining the purpose of the movement here:

Piano teacher: you’re doing great things with your finger movement, being a programmer really helps with that, eh?
Me: actually it’s because I’m a lesbian

(I haven’t really said that, have I?)

this is a mischievous chicken that escaped the enclosure

it's just standing there like


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i just realized that many animals don't give a fuck about their gender and that makes them

:lazer_P: :lazer_U: :lazer_N: :lazer_K:

:lazer_A: :lazer_S:

:lazer_F: :lazer_U: :lazer_C: :lazer_K:

*walking Stinky Pup*

"I can't believe she pees like a boy!"

It's a dog, Suzy. Stinky pees like a dog, you weirdo.

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