@junebug if i could rearrange the alphabet, i'd spell as many swears as possible

@geet you gotta find ways to snuggle it in like by talking about The Good Place and using their example of how good actions have bad consequences

@jacethechicken i fell down a rabbit hole looking for the best way to buy one of these

They seem pretty cheap

selfies, ec, transition 

making it worse 

implied transphobic slur 

Give it a year or two, but I bet the Bureau of Land Management will change their name

kink shitpost 

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debating my girlfriend on the semantics of her period pains just to assert my intelligence. I know she loves it when I do that

@devurandom I've work in QA for a AAA publisher so I know how sometimes what works on one platform needs to be done differently on another but I also remember when Destiny first came out there were entire sections of the game and a half dozen weapons that were playstation exclusive and the biggest reaction i ever saw was "damn, that sucks. hope it comes to xbox eventually"

[when I see a rose]


[when it has a thorn]

ah fuck! but at least I can get another.

[when I realize every rose has its thorn]


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