having a lot of fun controlling my phone with the software mouse using the steam controller but a lot of that might just be the novelty of it and not that it's actually useful

it is nice to be able to use my phone outside of arms reach, tho

*rubs eyes, yawns* Hmm... today I'm feeling moodily bisexual.

going back to the OG cancellation strategy 

@alexis yeah, i doubt I'll use it for much (honestly the most likely use case right now is just to have a software mouse on android) and the lack of a right thumbstick is a big part of that

The Solar System: A Transit Map

Ever wanted to take a bus from Earth to another planet entirely? Us too. If we could, this is the map we'd use to plan our trip. Now you can use it to plan yours, too!

Uncompressed PNGs of various sizes, including "absurdly gigantic", can be had in this zipfile: bayfiles.com/VcwfV1E1n1/The_So

Or if you'd rather pay someone else to do all the making things work, here's Redbubble to let you do that: redbubble.com/shop/p/43181011.

(This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
creativecommons.org/licenses/b . In the best available accord with the terms of this license, all items in the Redbubble store are sold at cost.)

We hope you enjoy it, in whatever form!

And if you have any ideas or suggestions or thoughts on how we could improve it - whether by depicting real things, or, preferably, by helping turn it into a depiction of a solarpunk future designed by consensus - please tell us about them.

Thank you!

would def appreciate away to change the trackpad sensitivity on android but i guess that's an android shortcoming and not the controller's fault

the way it handles acceleration and momentum is weird, tho

dog/human pic, non-human eye contact 

@alexis haven't played a game with it but nit having a right thumbstick is odd

The right trackpad is used on windows and android with right trigger being click and left trigger being either right click (windows) or back (android). Using the trackpad has this lovely haptic feedback that actually adds somewhat useful feedback but it's def not accurate enough to do anything precise with

finally got my steam controller that i got on fire sale and it's weird

roses are red
violets are blue
:bsod: your poem ran into a problem and needs to restart

You know, not using youtube for the last 2 days has actually been kinda nice

how do you pronounce wiki

the virgin “having sex is a measure of societal worth” vs the chad “defining things in terms of how much sex you do or don’t have is unhealthy”

I finally won a game of foosball against my girlfriend! Good ‘ol table football. Football of the table.

my check gender light's been on for weeks now, but i can't be bothered to take it into the shop, it still gends fine

gotta change out your gender every 8 months like the oil in a car

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