@kimdanes yeah, I run low on drive space a lot (again due to video games) and being able to just free up the space from the VM was super nice

@kimdanes I tried to get in to learning java for android dev for a bit. set that down a while ago and never picked it back up

some of my classes also require using ubuntu and it was easier for me to load a VM instead of dual booting but I have since gotten a cheap desktop to run the OS full time that I can remote into if I need it while on campus

I don't think I would have noticed cybre being on masto 3.0 if not for a local toot

I'm also now on the profile directory so that's cool

All day today, I was really hauntingly bisexual.

@kimdanes for most people 16 GB is def silly amounts of overkill but between the games I play (modded minecraft takes 5+ GB of RAM) and things like running VMs, I def appreciate having so much ram all at once

sayin "ur cute" like the sickest burn imaginable

@kimdanes i'm way too much of a tab hoarder to be comfortable with 12 GB of RAM. especially because I have to use other programs at the same time for school and whatnot

@jackdaw_ruiz honestly I think it was a faulty chrome extension (which probably tripped up because I closed the tab it was tied to)

@kimdanes 16 GB wasn't too uncommon for a gaming laptop in 2016 (it was pretty high end at the time but no where near the peak specs)

I'm not in the market for a new laptop but I'm p sure that 16 GB is fairly common among even productivity focused laptops nowadays

Something crashed and freed up 9.5 GB of RAM. I don't pretend to understand how my laptop works


Lester Young told Sylvia Syms that on any given night, a performer might only have one guy in the audience who's really listening. And at your best onstage moment he might be in the bathroom.

That's my rationale/excuse: my biggest fans are always taking a leak when my best material is happening.

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on blocking 

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