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Which of the following best describes how you think of yourself?

the player character in portal is a damn woman?? God damn it valve keep the damn politics outta my hobbies!!!

allosexuals love going 'awoogah' and 'hummina hummina' as their eyes bug out, steam comes out of their ears, things of that nature. this, to me, is preposterous


soft selfie, boosts+ 💖 

Imagine if other games had chapters.

Minecraft: Chapter 7: Nether again
Untitled goose game: Chapter 5: Rings a bell
Monopoly: Chapter 5318008: stop fucking cheating you fucking piece of shit fuck you

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More games should have chapters, like, portal 2, chapter 9, "The part where he kills you," amazing, love how dramatic it sounds, amazing, sounds like a story, what's gonna happen? It's a mystery...

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someone called the cops on my family for "being in violation of the shelter in place orders" 🙃 i had to explain to two very pissed off, gloved, masked cops that we weren't having a party, we live in a generational home and we're just loud people

so that's my day. fuck cops and fuck white people.


Epilepsy proofing your videos 

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quarantine finally got me thirst trapping!

hello, lesbians. sapphics. wlw. nblw. im smoldering at y'all

selfies. first has ec, last is suggestive, all are sfw (for everyone who still has to worry about that right now), boosts are an essential public service

Anyway support trans sex workers

Monetarily support trans sex workers

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Trans sex workers are the foundation of our society and community. Trans sex workers of colors should be fucking applauded like the heroes they are. None of us would be there if it weren't for their fucking bravery and strength

Make a world where they can be safe

@goat @binchicken oh damn, cybrespace doesn't see any of the votes for colin

someone else should suggest a name for @goat's sourdough starter so it doesn't get stuck with spandau bullet

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