was digging through some old papers trying to find something and found a group photo from when I was in guitar in senior year of high school in 2016 and well, I've come a long way

(eye contact, old photo, young violet)

The combination of not being out to all of my family abd that my trans flag hoodie has a stain on it means that this is the most boring outfit I've worn out of the house in weeks

(selfie, eye contact, boosts good)

Why are these xbox avatar animations so flirty? Most of the animations have descriptive names but these are just called "Animation 1" and "Animation 2"

The tabling has ended and the flag has become a cape

(selfie, eye contact, boosts yes)

Looking good, feeling bad part 2 featuring a scarf from a friend

(selfie, eye contact, boosts good)

Looking good. Feeling bad. (I still look good, tho)

(selfie, eye contact)

I have so much hair now

(bed selfie, eye contact, good hair)

testing what previews look like 

hmm, school (-) 

Doing some tabling today for gay club so I decided to add my personal flags to the setup for today

(selfie, eye contact, maximum trans representation)

The university recently installed a little kiosk that prints photos on demand so I now have two physical prints of my avatar that I got for like $2. They were impulse buys but still

( featuring art from the wonderful @myconidiosyncracy )

Call of Duty Mobile 

I got a strand of RGB LEDs but the blue channel is super dim so its "white" light is decidedly yellow

Is this more likely to be an issue with the strand or the shitty control box that came with the strand? Anyone have experience with this kind of thing? Would using a different control device fix the issue?

The navigation gestures go landscape with the phone and the app switcher finally goes landscape as well and I gotta say

It was better when it didn't

question for anyone familiar with surveillance tech 

On the one hand, I don't need a 1U server computer and I don't even have a rack to hold it

On the other hand, it's only $25

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