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I should not be allowed to buy things

They're drink coasters, if you're wondering

Didn't have time to post this earlier but I spent my lunch with @jennie and @cherrybullet

Took a pic with a local icon

(CW: selfie, eye contact, urinating statue)

Does anyone have a higher quality version of the ahegowboy emoji? Looking for as high resolution as possible (1200px+ preferred) or an SVG if possible. Going to print it on something so more quality is more better

ahegowboy attached for reference

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Took some good hair selfies yesterday when I got home from work

CW: selfies, eye contact

The TL came together to complete the food <-> horny spectrum

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I don't pretend to know shit about photography but I just took this photo of my dog and I think it turned out pretty good

My other shirt finally came in the mail! I want a striped shirt with the stripes going all the way around but them just being printed on the front is the best I could find for now

The rest of the shirt is black, if you're wondering

Primitive Technology guy sure knows how to do effective captions

Wearing what is apparently my most popular shirt to work today. Too bad I didn't have it yesterday for the all hands meeting

CW: selfie, eye contact

New shirt day! Got another v good design in the mail as well!

I've figured it out

Here's my steam username for the next two weeks

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