in Among Us, you can be given a task to scan an id badge at a machine. The badge has an upside down qr code that says "Yo holmes, smell you later"

This walk to class in 109°F (~48°C) heat fucking sucks

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request for help, depictions of anime nazis and pepe the frog in my remote learning discord server emoji list, boosts encouraged 

fedi meta, racist domain name 

I'm glad to receive such useful emails from the university about safety changes

Who has two thumbs and had to put on pants today?

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bing doesn't show a unique logo in searches anymore for some reason. apparently they needed you to remember that microsoft made it

Fun fact that I just learned: you can still buy merch from Liam Kyle Sullivan's early youtube projects including a shirt with a demotivational poster of Kelly thinking about shoes

It's been 14 years

I want it

we also saw this campaign ad with an endorsement from a man who looks like a muppet wished really hard to become a real boy

(CW: eye contact in video)

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I forgot to post about this when it happened but @katherine and I were watching the Today Show recently and saw this wonderful local ad for two lawyers named Xenophon Peters and Judah Zakalik

(CW: eye contact)

In the month of November (when I wasn't using the console), my Xbox One used... 5 million terabytes of data?

I took this photo a while ago (before classes were cancelled and whatnot) but never posted it

There was a sign on a building at my university that was actually just a picture of a sign on that same wall

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