End of Pride selfie from earlier. Had a wonderful time but honestly I'm glad to be home. It was a long day

(selfie, eye contact, boosts required)

Second day of Pride selfie from earlier

(eye contact, boosts yes)

Honestly I love this outfit so much I'm considering just wearing it to class periodically

(selfie, eye contact, boost me)

Waiting for the march to start

(selfie, eye contact, boosts good)

Here is my outfit for Las Vegas Pride

Added my QVP flag and pinned it together with a "Space Trans" button

(Another selfie, eye contact, *Jeb! Voice* Please boost)

Turns out the stripes of my trans flag hoodie line up almost perfectly with my trans flag shirt

(selfie, eye contact, boosts good)

There's a cafe here with a bitcoin logo in the cafe logo. Apparently they allowed you to pay with crypto

They opened in April of this year. The last social post and yelp review are from just over a month later and they appear to be closed

Tomi Lahren speaking event 

TPUSA, Tomi Lahren, request for help in the form of memes or similar 

Tried on some of the readers at target

(selfie, comedically large eye contact, boosts are cools)

Pride flag cape and pride flag shirt is a wonderful combo

(selfie, eye contact, good look)

creepy dude at this pride event 

current events uspol adjacent, advertisements being silly 

I know people like to shit on the Epic Games Store because it's *checks notes* not Steam, but this checkout button really should have text on it and it's a strange bug that it doesn't

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