we also saw this campaign ad with an endorsement from a man who looks like a muppet wished really hard to become a real boy

(CW: eye contact in video)

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I forgot to post about this when it happened but @katherine and I were watching the Today Show recently and saw this wonderful local ad for two lawyers named Xenophon Peters and Judah Zakalik

(CW: eye contact)

In the month of November (when I wasn't using the console), my Xbox One used... 5 million terabytes of data?

I took this photo a while ago (before classes were cancelled and whatnot) but never posted it

There was a sign on a building at my university that was actually just a picture of a sign on that same wall

I don't know what look I'm going for here but I'm pretty sure I'm nailing it

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Imagine wanting to be racist but giving up at the first sign of any effort being required

My lip is visibly swollen but I have new glasses and that's more important

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i'm legit kinda excited to participate in this test. last time i tested this the name wasn't public yet

Today in incredible thrift finds, I got what appears to be a fully functional flight stick in good condition from goodwill for a dollar. There was a second identical stick on that shelf marked at $15. Logitech's site lists the product at $40

I also got one of those Cat Piano kid toys from Savers for $3 which is also a steal

cursed technology 

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