thinking about that one tweet that was like "ask a closeted trans girl what superpower she'd want and she'll almost always say shapeshifting. ask her again a couple years into transition and she'll say teleportation and i don't need to explain why"

anyway, trans girls should teleport into my arms

trans girls should consider teleporting into my bed

my bed has had a number of trans women in it (4 if you include me but never all at once unfortunately)

but i think i can do better

i made this comment a week ago about how there have been a total of 4 trans women in my bed. that number has since increased to 5

hopefully soon it goes to 6 who's to say

@heartles directly. it turns out when a girl lives a 5 hour drive away, sometimes you can ask "are you free this weekend" and she'll say yes and come over

@heartles both of us are still kinda shocked she actually did it

but she got to meet the gf in person as well and we had a good weekend

@violet wow, women getting better at teleportation

@violet sounds good, but my teleporting hardware is broken

@violet I'd still say shapeshifting. Best super power really, because there's very few things you can't do with it.

Theoretically, you can morph into a being that can teleport

@MxCraven that really feels like wishing for more wishes but i wouldn't turn down shapeshifting if it was offered to me

@violet I'm merely wishing for the ability to shapeshift freely and at will.

In my mind, shapeshifting is if you can imagine it then it can happen (although maybe I'd have to invent teleportation so I could think of it)

@MxCraven that is a fun interpretation of the power. i'd absolutely be using it to cause mischief if i could

@violet On yeah, 100% I'd shapeshift into something tiny, squeeze under a gap in a door, and then suddenly shapeshift back to human (or maybe wolf) in the lap of someone

@MxCraven i personally think it'd be really fun to shapeshift into a ceo of a big company and then film myself announcing myself stepping down from the company

i'm still disappointed that the one time someone got access to a bunch of high profile twitter accounts they used it to post links to crypto scams and didn't take the opportunity to tank the stock prices of every company they could


@MxCraven yes!
But also, "hi pretty, you ride here often? 👉👈"


Well, be careful then. I've heard there are some mean and promiscious gays around here. 😏

@violet what if you could shapeshift into someone with the ability to teleport
makes you think

@alilly it feels like wishing for more wishes to me but if it works it works

@violet what about teleportation but it actually duplicates yourself so you can make tons of friends?

@violet Funny...first thing which came to mind was telefragging.

@violet Specifically, into phobes to make their guts explode.

@violet @fledge So my first thought was because of having to drive around to millions of different doctor appointments all the time, but judging by the rest of the thread I’m guessing the joke is about going on lots of dates lol

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