if you're cis, give some money to a trans person. any trans person

if you're cis, consider sending me an amazon gift card. doubly so if you're also straight

@Amber i could also do with some money. i have a lot of weird shit i want to buy

@violet unfortunately as soon as you get the money it's no longer cis

It's been transferred

@dragon i have a few minutes. let me print out this thread

@dragon so proud to have been a part of this art history moment

(selfie, eye contact)

@dragon gonna leave this up on my wall for an indeterminant amount of time

i'll take it down when it feels right, tbh

@ConfuSomu @dragon it was cheap and easy and i thought it was funny

@violet Consider: Not supporting the amazon human-rights-abuse machine

@Amber consider: it's the easiest way to send me money that can't be refunded and also isn't tied to legal names or anything (like paypal)

@violet egg who suppresses by constantly donating to their trans friends

@violet How much this sounds like a nice thing; I think we should just bother rich people with it haha!

They have money laying around, just collecting dust =3

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