y'know, i think my name follows xkcd capitalization rules

"violet" is preferred
"VIOLET" is acceptable when appropriate (yelling and whatnot)
"Violet" is discouraged. i don't know who that is but it isn't me

kinda tangential to capitalization, i always appreciate going by 'violet' but i do accept 'vi' as a shorthand (i used to use it for myself more often but i kinda stopped at some point. no idea why)

i don't think i care for 'v' as shorthand so much. i associate it with someone else i used to know

any other shortenings/nicknames, i guess ask. maybe they'll be fun


okay but let's get down to brass tacks here. what about V10L37?

@cicatriz_jdr good decal for a mech or other heavy machinery

@alienskyler it really emphasizes when you do actually capitalize words

it makes it clear that it's A Thing


@violet I guess you're just some v that I used to know


@rigatonimonster thank you for your contribution :heart_trans:

awful nicknames 

@kiosk those might be fun

@Temmie19 well \ is half of capital V so that wouldn't work

if there was a half height \ mark it'd be good

and 、is what I've found so far. Surprisingly difficult to find half a backslash.
﹨Oh there we go!

(Had to delete and repost because the first character broke formatting)

@Temmie19 i don't know. ﹨ still feels too tall. maybe it's just on my system, tho

the lowercase v is important. it's not my name otherwise

@violet \V﹨v On my screen it's the same height as a lowercase v

@Temmie19 yeah, it's pretty tall on windows but a little better on android

fonts are weird. there should just be one big font that is consistent with everything

@violet 👀
...my "V" doesn't actually stand for anything.

@V yeah, i'm pretty sure i always just assumed your name was "V"

@violet just because I was like "ohhh is she talking about me? o:"
like, i knew you weren't, but yknow

@V yeah, that makes sense

the person i was talking about was someone i mostly knew in person but she did have an account on masto that i ended up blocking but i have no idea if she's still active at all since i haven't really thought about her in a couple years

@dxs y'know, that'd certainly be a choice

but it seems to me like it'd be too much of a mouthful to use regularly

@violet same but for me Xxxxx is strictly reserved for *very official and important* things

@violet it's really weird to look at a document and have it be like Charlotte Som like . why are u writing like that chill out dude

@charlotte i need to ask someone who knows legal bullshit if i can legally change my name to be lowercase

it's an important aspect of my cultural heritage (being trans)

@violet @charlotte in my country at least, and probably yours too, there’s no legal meaning of letter case. “FERGUS MCFEE” vs “fergus mcfee” etc are typesetting decisions; it’s the same legal name. In other words, legal names are a case insensitive file system.
You can certainly explicitly ask when providing it that places which publish your name do so with a lowercase initial letter — I know some artists who do so. But it won’t do anything in legal or bureaucratic scenarios.

@violet @charlotte Damn am I really the only trans who uses "proper" capitalization 99% of the time and when I don't I just feel really weird about it?

@violet @charlotte To be fair even though it's not my name per se, "hazelnot" should *always* be lowercase 😅

@witchfynder_finder @diffractie is there something i'm not seeing because i'm pretty sure that's 4 vowels

@violet @diffractie The Smart Answer is that "oi" is a diphthong, which only counts as one vowel

The Real Answer is I'm tired as fuck and forgot about the E

@violet @diffractie Love that little guy, he's all over the place, but he's half a vowel at best =P

@diffractie @violet That was me practicing for my phonology exams and having to produce sounds not found in English

@witchfynder_finder @diffractie love those glottal fricatives

the covenant in the halo show speak a language with lots of glottal fricatives and clicks because it's the fastest way to make a language sound alien to english speakers

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