pride selfie, boosts good 

waiting for the parade to start

pride festival selfie, boosts good 

waiting around for slayyyter to perform later tonight

i'm sitting in the amphitheater watching a different performance and the bass is so loud i'm in heaven

it's so fucking good being in an explicitly queer space and knowing that basically everyone around you is safe to he around

it's so freeing

at pride, whispering to my gf: don't look now but i think we're surrounded by homosexuals

only at vegas pride can you see a gay cowboy standing very dangerously on top of an a frame ladder while performing jimmy eat world's the middle

shortly after taking this photo he switched to 500 miles and started hopping the ladder around the stage

should be 10 minutes til slayyyter. so excited

slayyyter was great. pride was great. i'm bi as fuck. also i'm hungry and we're going to get food

minor hearing damage (probably) 

laying in bed and my ears hurt and are ringing a little more than usual and it's probably related to how loud the music was at pride and the fact that i gave my only pair of earplugs to the gf but, like, i couldn't not raw dog slayyyter's music into my ears

pride selfie, boosts good 

@violet meant to boost this earlier and forgot because I was running in somewhere

But I do wanna say

I love this outfit and every time you post a selfie in it it makes me so happy

pride selfie, boosts good 

@marie_joseph hell yeah, i also love this outfit and i forgot how great it was to be at pride :heart_trans:

pride selfie, boosts good 

@violet i think you might be trans possibly

pride selfie, boosts good 

@behold3r the signs seem to be there :heart_trans:

pride selfie, boosts good 

@violet @marie_joseph the way trans hoodie perfectly lines up with trans shirt underneath is top tier 🐸👍

pride selfie, boosts good 

@cave_brain @marie_joseph it was completely coincidental (they're from two different sources) but i def wear them together because it works so well

@violet you did an "i think some people on this website might be gay" but irl

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