are facemasks with eyes printed on them an effective defense against automatic facial recognition (like clearview and such) or are they smarter than that

are there known attacks that make it hard for them to automatically scrap your face from images ? i remember seeing a paper once of those sort of "break the recognizer" attacks that they could get to work on a number of models at once with the same image, but it used whole-image manipulation instead of just like, you wearing a special image on your mask (like adding static to the image before passing it through) i also can't remember what knowledge they needed to have about the models before they could do the attack

@heartles yeah, it's pretty hard to have to edit every single photo before you post them online (and not even an option for things like security footage or other people's pictures)

it'd be great to have a known adversarial pattern (or patterns) that you could add with clothing or makeup to thwart that kind of spying yeah, i bet you could get it if you made a camera app that automatically applied it when you snapped it. i also don't know if it's temporally stable for video

i feel like you'd have to have a formula for generating unique adversarial patterns, otherwise it'd be too easy to recognize the patterns classically and remove it

@heartles i remember seeing a thing years ago about adversarial makeup that broke up the landmarks of the face and made it harder for traditional facial recognition algorithms to find your face but i don't know if those are still effective wow that sound really gay and attractive i wanna do that now

@violet I remember reading (don’t know where anymore) that the last year has given AI enough learn data to cope with most of these defense mechanisms

I remember people getting many different kinds of anti face recognition masks back when cloth masks where still allowed so there may be something to this

@violet mask is good, but occluding the ability to measure IPD is also part of the equation.

Crossfire 2169 sunglasses (in orangey-red) are an inexpensive and pretty reliable way to stop IR cameras as well as visible spectrum cameras from getting that data.

@violet There used to be some shirts with "the essence" of what the AI believes is a human face on them, but I think this was fixed since.

This video explains something similar:

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