earlier i had an eeg and apparently it makes my hair do this

also i had to shower as soon as i got home because there was a ton of weird gel in my hair

(selfie, eye contact, boosts good)

@violet okay i misread that as "egg" at first and was wondering what sort of bizarre allergic reaction could do that

@grant every person i tell about this misreads it. i considered capitalizing it but i just don't like using capital letters when avoidable


> eeg and apparently it makes my hair do this

it looks like they hooked you up to the cardiac resuscitator by mistake. 😬

@Nikolai_Kingsley one of the best parts about having all the electrodes on my head was that when the test was over the dude just grabbed the bundle of wires and pulled them all off and i could feel each one pop off of my head

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