I should not be allowed to buy things

They're drink coasters, if you're wondering

Shout-out to @nuttgodd for creating the emojo and @jackdaw_ruiz for helping me acquire a print quality version of the emojo

The lovely people at StickerMule must be so confused by my orders. The only other design I've ordered from them was of a child hugging what looks like a traumatized miniature horse

@violet omfg i have never been more proud of my creations

....why is there a part of me that finds this kind of arousing?

@friskywhiskers I used StickerMule. They've been very good to me for my previous couple orders ( )

I've attached the image I used but you can use any image that's at least 300dpi used on whatever product you're ordering (the coasters are 3.7 inches across)

@violet thanks this is the exact information i needed to make rapid fire impulse decisions

@friskywhiskers StickerMule is kinda the worst because you can be like "I need 50 die cut stickers for this really funny shitpost" and they'll have them to you in a week

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