In the Jonas Brothers' 2006 song Year 3000, the Brothers articulate that in the year 3000 "not much has changed but they live underwater" (Jonas et al.), accurately predicting the inaction of the governments of the 21st century to curb global climate change/rising ocean levels. In this essay, I will

yeah, Year 3000 is a cover but I've never heard of Busted until I looked up the lyrics to Year 3000 so they might as well have never existed in the first place

@violet gotta say I was incredibly confused cos I definitely don't know any Jonas brothers stuff but I know that song 😅

@violet Busted's 2002 song, actually. Fuck the Jonass Brothers and their shitty covers.

@Caelyn I mean :valid: but as someone who was born in 1998, I was a little too young to be listening to Busted and I really wanted to include "(Jonas et al.)" to refer to the Jonas Brothers

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