@Gargron How difficult is it to download your data from one Mastodon instance and upload it to another?

I signed up with dot social because choices are hard, but if I could easily migrate I would probably move, especially if I'd be able to move again if necessary


@lesbianhacker @gargron It's easy enough to migrate. Once you have an account on another instance (or a second account on the same instance) you can export lists of your follows, blocks, and mutes from your original account and import them to your new one

You can't force others to follow your new account (they'll have to do that on their own) and your toots won't transfer over but those usually matter less than you'd think

@violet @Gargron

Why make that decision for people instead of letting them make that decision for themself, though?

I can see how it might create a bit of overhead for admins who will want to make sure their new users aren't migrating things that violate their ToS, but it should be possible to make that choice instead of having it made for you

@lesbianhacker @gargron I twas more to the point that other sites (like twitter) allow you to change your handle without affecting any other part of your account. On masto, you have to make a second account and hope that your followers make the jump with you

It usually works out fine but there are cases (like a follower who takes a month or two off the platform during your migration) where followers can get lost in the cracks

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