I just saw a toot that included the phrase "the mastodon staff"

New users are cute. Can we keep them?

@violet hello, I am the mastodon staff, please send all ur moneys as a payment for keeping ur account thank

I also accept cookies btw

@violet I would love it if you kept us we are very tired from the journey here

@QuakerWanker I haven't had to block any of the new users yet so I'm leaning towards keep

@violet also oh goodness I don't know how to use this interface :catThink:

@QuakerWanker If you don't like the multi-column interface, you might want to check out

It's closer to the twitter interface. You just log in with your instance details and it works basically the same way

@violet idk how to use Twitter either I come from an alternative timeline where twitter never happened

@QuakerWanker At the very least, Pinafore has less going on at once. The multiple column view of Mastodon can be overwhelming at times, especially if you aren't used to it

Pinafore turns it all into a single column

There are a few other similar services like Brutaldon but I am less familiar with those

@violet yes someone called me "staff" earlier and i didn't know how to respond. It means "veteran" i guess? They seem sweet

@violet No, they haven't been house broken. They'll pee on everything.

@GeekStruck "Mastodon" the social network doesn't have a staff. There is a developer who does most of the work (@gargron) and a moderation team for but they only really have power over their instance

Every instance is basically separate with their own rules and admins/moderators. There is no single entity that controls moderation over the whole fediverse like there is on other networks

@GeekStruck Kind of. Reddit still has a corporation that can step in and shut down subreddits if they have to

On Mastodon, nobody gets to decide to shut down an instance except for the admins of that instance. If instances decide they don't like another instance, they can mute each other or refuse to communicate (literally block all requests to and from) but can't shut each other down

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