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Xbox is good actually because the new avatar system allows me to live my dream of being a bi cyborg girl

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If you ever have trouble picking a name, just remember to follow this handy guide

ngl the way a cis woman reacts to someone thinking she’s a trans women says a fuckton about how she actually thinks of trans women

The term foreskin suggests the existence of aftskin

Hi I'm Jake

I pretty much only post about wanting to be in the woods and pop-punk

also cum


wait are we doing mastoprom again??? already??? ok i better get at least ten dates this time

Will you look at that! It's "kiss your pals" o'clock!

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did you know? every fighter in smash is nonbinary

mastodon has made me go from moodily staring at my phone a lot to laughing loudly and staring at my phone a lot

Karl Marx dunked on a lot of white guys but he was also a white guy so it's impossible to say if he's bad or not

*steve miller band voice*

🎵cuz I'm a tooter
I'm a booster
Congressional baseball shooter🎵

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