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excuse me, this is my emotional support girlfriend

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Xbox is good actually because the new avatar system allows me to live my dream of being a bi cyborg girl

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If you ever have trouble picking a name, just remember to follow this handy guide

My girlfriend: "Relationship? More like"
Me: "Don't do it."
My new ex: "Relationshit."

receiver 2 update 

was not expecting this game to be this woke but it's not a surprise either

I'm looking at a crude map of Las Vegas and there's a label in the upper left (north west) corner of the map on the edge of the city labelled "To Reno" as if Reno isn't 450 miles away literally on the other side of the state

I've seen my share of niche wikis before but this has to be one of the most puzzling

"But Sierra, how DO you trick AI training algorithms and sabotage surveillance capitalism?"

It's easy! all you need is a pen and paper

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TIL they invented a word for people intentionally muddying AI data

"adversarial image attacks"

"Do you sub-toot at me, sir?"
"Is the discourse on our side if I say 'aye'?"

Two instances, both alike in dignity,
In fair Mastodon, where we lay our scene,
From ancient meme break to new mutiny,
Where meta blood makes meta hands unclean.

does anyone else just, like, conciously decide to change their vocabulary

i remember being, like, 13, and just deciding to call it "soda" instead of "pop" because i liked the way it sounded, and it's stuck with me ever since

like, the other office was this weird circular 2 story building but at least it looked like there were occupants in it

this is in a strip mall and appears to be a really big space with only one tenant

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what's in the dark apparently unfinished corner ? who knows ! i'm def not checking

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i got to the other office and damn this place is creepy

it only looks half occupied

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nothing, out of context 

what if we were girls
and we were both girls

at least the doc is fine with me being late to get over to the right place

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who has two thumbs and took an uber to the wrong doctor's office because they called my dad to tell him it's the other office and we aren't currently speaking

you (a boring shithead):
I've got an open carry license

me (an interesting person):
I've got open carry lice

Imagine working at a penny factory.

"What do you do for work?"

"Omm I help produce coins that are essentially worthless"


"At this point nobody knows anymore but it would feel wrong to stop?"

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