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excuse me, this is my emotional support girlfriend

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Xbox is good actually because the new avatar system allows me to live my dream of being a bi cyborg girl

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If you ever have trouble picking a name, just remember to follow this handy guide

in case you're wondering what I mean by anarcho-tanky 

I'm a Poppy stan first and a proletarian second

broke: asking coworkers "doesn't it fucking suck how all the wealth we produce gets taken by the bosses and we have no control over work? doesn't that make you fuckin think?"
woke: asking your coworkers about their life outside work. saying "oh geez, sucks that you can't spend time with your kids, what're they like? fuck, she's sick? how much time off do you get to spend with her? fuck that sucks! who's in charge of that stuff? what do you think would happen if you just asked for more time off? what do you think would happen if A BUNCH of us went together and demanded lighter shifts and more pto??"

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it's so funny how much of the organizer training was just teaching a bunch of communists and anarchists to fucking talk normal

It is getting “hella crunk” up in here

[warning cuties]


one of my coworkers had mormons come to their door and during their brief, polite discussion they asked him what he does and he went "oh i make escape rooms" and apparently one of the missionaries responded "oh if you think about it, life is sort of like an escape room" and i am fucking losing it over this

number-skills related poll 

This is a very tiny guitar-- It's about the size of a human blood cell and can be played with a laser, and is technically responsible for the highest note ever played on a musical instrument. Each of the strings is only about 100 atoms across.


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This also technically makes the player character trans so double fuck yeah

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They added outfits to Dead Cells awhile back and one of them gives the Beheaded TITTIES FUCK YEAH!!!!!!

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