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excuse me, this is my emotional support girlfriend

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Xbox is good actually because the new avatar system allows me to live my dream of being a bi cyborg girl

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If you ever have trouble picking a name, just remember to follow this handy guide

a femdom that just reminds you to drink water and take your pills

femdom but I just make everyone eat their vegetables

Apparently 250 Seattle cops have quit in the past 17 months. Keep bullying cops y'all :acab:

Trolley problem: on one side of the tracks there is 5 trolleys in the othe-

boot liquor is a phenomenal auto caption mistake

if these genderfluid people get any hotter they're going to gender evaporate

transphobia, family 

jessica tech tip: your child coming out to you as trans is in no way comparable to the death of a child. hope this offends!

oh boy, wind is picking up, seeing lightning in the distance, and the radar shows the storm isn't even over us yet

hope we don't lose power when it hits

"Miss Lovelace? We're following up on a post you made online about 'I'm going to vore Joe Biden unless he builds high-speed rail from coast to coast.'"

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presidential fitness test? lemme test if i can fitness whole president in my mouth

I think i have the personality and stamina to head a sex cult. I feel no need to elaborate.

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Gamers: "Haha, get gud scrub"

Also Gamers: "Fallout 1&2 are unplayable! How can I be expected to play anything without modern QOL features!?"

@violet Ah, yes, what our survival horror game needs is an incredibly-easy-to-abuse weapon customization system which saps all tension from the gunplay

it will be interesting to replay dead space 3 because i should be able to reredeem those microtransactions that i bought years ago

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like, i played through dead space 3 with a friend and by the end of the game we both had fully automatic electrified flechette shotguns (i think his was flaming, instead) and it was fun as hell but not the careful shooting of the previous games

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read an article that argued that the dead space remake should bring back dead space 3's modular weapon system as if the unification of weapon ammon and power of the mod system didn't completely destroy both the inventory management and power balance of the game

i eat my pants one leg at a time like everybody else

anyway sad but predictable that those of us who said the CDC was moving too fast are being proven right

turns out saying "you can go back to normal so long as you got the vaccine" just translates into "you can go back to normal" to most people

if only lots of people were warning this at the time!

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