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excuse me, this is my emotional support girlfriend

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Xbox is good actually because the new avatar system allows me to live my dream of being a bi cyborg girl

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If you ever have trouble picking a name, just remember to follow this handy guide

what would be worse

i think that makes like 6 or 7 people on fedi who i've seen in youtube comment sections

it's always weird recognizing people outside of this backwater truckstop of a website

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oh neat, i found starwall in the comments on a youtube video

sometimes you remember a post that you made nearly three years ago and what the fuck how have i been here for 3 years

They call it gay rights because the gays are right

my gf just said I have a "lovely proboscis"??? nobody has ever told me that before??? I-I'm...???

nfts reflect an inherently colonial mindset, imo

I haven't seen it talked about much, but it seems these tech bros think they've cracked open some wild new frontier and they're all racing to plant flags in it asap, nevermind the cost and fuck anyone who gets in the way

but where you can at least argue that land has natural resources etc etc, there's nothing in nft-space, it's just empty, no content. So they have to generate 'value' in it as quickly as possible by creating shitty art and half-baked video game ideas, and paper-thin product concepts, so they have something to sell

it is quite something to see

gender is a spook and being gay is more of a state of mind than anything else

alternatively: you can take the unwoke approach and start categorizing whether or not nb+nb relationships are straight or not by microanalyzing their gender presentation and associating them with binary genders or saying transmasc and transfemme couples are extremely straight

as for me? I'm fucking gay. Your gender is irrelevant, if I date you, that's fucking gay as shit ♥♥♥♥

My girlfriend, or as she’s colloquially known, panty moisturizer

fellas, is it gay to like women? you're literally desiring femininity

The year is 20XX

The last patch of grass is being held under a display case in a british museum

The bar for cishet men is so fucking low it's amazing they can still slip under it like it's a game of lethal limbo

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