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hey, i now have a lewd/personal alt at @violewd

it's mostly a place where i feel comfortable boosting lewds (this account is a little too open) and if we're mutuals i'll probably approve your follow request

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Xbox is good actually because the new avatar system allows me to live my dream of being a bi cyborg girl

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If you ever have trouble picking a name, just remember to follow this handy guide

lewd, gfposting 

lewd musing 

i am not like other girls
other girls are not like each other
we're all assigned our own UUID

some ppl say violence isn't funny, but damn if there's anything funnier than that dude punching richard spencer in the face

Had to take a break while typing this b/c of laughing

Out of context, sort of creepy inside joke 

getting called the furry version of racist because I can't tell crows and ravens apart

continuously grateful that I can follow cool people who occasionally post stuff I’d rather not see, and I can just choose not to open that stuff. that concept really slaps.

really “hella.”

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