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excuse me, this is my emotional support girlfriend

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Xbox is good actually because the new avatar system allows me to live my dream of being a bi cyborg girl

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If you ever have trouble picking a name, just remember to follow this handy guide

if testosterone so good why they never make testostertwo

putting the hormones in my pasta, makin progesteroni

Not sure why, but I'm starting to begin to like sad songs? I used to always prefer upbeat, high-tempo music, but as of late, I have started to gravitate towards more sad, thoughtful songs and these songs now have more of an emotional impact on me. I wonder if this is because of all the estrogen I'm shoving into my body? Anyone on feminizing HRT notice this?

lewd, trans panic shitpost 

I’m gonna steal from the bank to pay this stupid college tuition

Choose your fighter

Writing a bulleted list at work and I had to stop myself from making the third element "i'm gay"

the gays have used up all the sex and now the good christian heterosexual couples can't have any this is so sad like if u agree

cursed, shock site reference 

@Tusky hi there! tusky is a great piece of work; i really enjoy it.

lately i can't play most videos that other users post. i see the animated loading swirl, then a modal dialog saying "Can't play this video." (attached) clearing the dialog returns me to the loading swirl and i have to use back to return to the tl/toot. i CAN download from the loading screen.

it seems more recent than the v9.1 update.

pixel 3a
android 10
updated 2020-01-01
over 17GB free

any ideas? thanks!

bla so cute!!! i love haj so muuuuuch (selfie, shark eye contact, boosts make blahaj smile more)

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