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me (getting inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame): goodbye my family
*family cries as baseball juice is pumped into my veins turning me into a screaming statue*

called it on the last track for the album i've been putting together through 2021/22. excited to actually lay it all out. i haven't completed an album in years.

Freeing Cryman
Manning Freecry
Crying Manfree

POV: parts of your code are scattered all over the televerse

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Don't write as little code as needed, write as much code as required to make it readable and understandable.


i'm doing a new thing: a self-hosted, intermittently on livestream of my VCR with embedded chat.

It's a mix of me walking by and putting in random tapes throughout the day and scheduled events/showings.

If you'd like to hang out, plz DM me for an invite~

ohhh here she comes
she's a flan eater
ohhh here she comes
watch out flan, she'll chew you up

is it normal for masto to just hang with this under the "home" timeline?

do i like the fediverse? someone help me with this

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once booming manufacturing metropolises, both funkytown and pound town have struggled to cope with unemployment, population decline, and low wages associated with a long period of deindustrialization beginning in the 1980s

"so what's in the bucket" is a real question i was asked by a stranger today

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