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but do you remember custom AIM avatars based on the aol icons

the GIFs from this 15 year+ old hard drive cause a 500 when i try to upload them but at least i can take screenshots of their choicest frames

AHHH I found one of the first programs i ever wrote **furiously adds to resume**

screenshot from the family windows 98 machine featuring mozilla, circa 2002

i found this file on an old harddrive and will go to my grave wondering why teenage me saved this text file with these instructions

my music's just beginning to start; i got dancin in my feet

tfw i realize you can customize the names of items in d&d beyond

went to a slight extreme at the filipino bakery last night.

definitely the best way to deflect criticism of your conspiracy theories

I just finished hate reading one of the worst books I've ever had the misfortune of starting, Cyberbooks. it's even worse than Headcrash, MagicNet, and WWW:Wake. I honestly thought MagicNet was the bottom of the barrel as far as cybermedia goes but now I'm afraid Cyberbooks is the herald of even greater suffering.

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