is it normal for masto to just hang with this under the "home" timeline?

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@vilmibm it takes a while to regenerate the home feed if your account has been idling for a while

@djsundog ah ok, yeah it's been ... well it's been a long time

@vilmibm well, welcome back nonetheless, and I hope your home feed regenerates quickly for you! :blobpats:

@djsundog thanks!

i never properly incorporated the "fediverse" into my online community diet.

my interactions with it didn't quite scratched my community itch, but i think i was maybe just not giving it enough of a chance.

@vilmibm @djsundog i've had my ups and downs with it, but ever since i gave myself permission to block/mute/unfollow at the faintest hint of "this seems like a machine for making me feel bad", it's become basically the only public part of the social-media-ish internet that i have good feelings about.

@brennen @djsundog ah interesting. do y'all follow lots of people and then winnow down as you feel bad?

or hang out watching the global feed, blocking as needed?

i'm still struggling with how to even engage with fediverse given how similar it is to birdsite

@vilmibm @brennen

I'm mostly passive about following folks these days - like, if they bring themselves to my attention (conversationally, or via follow requesting me) and seem to have some overlap with my interests, I'll follow them, but I rarely go out actively looking for folk to follow anymore.

@djsundog @vilmibm yeah, same. there's also a set of people i check in on from time to time without actually following, just 'cause their posting style isn't really my day-to-day thing or whatever.

(i suspect most of my follows these days come from someone boosting me into someone else's timeline and snagging a reply, or from noticing an interesting boost from someone i already follow?)

@djsundog @vilmibm i skim the federated timeline now and then, but i usually don't get much out of it. might be very different on a smaller instance.

for whatever reason, things feel pretty genuinely conversational around here to me. maybe just a function of scale and heavy filtering.

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