OCR Output 

Y aye

Lew than two hours later I was ensconced me af

airliner coach scat and bound for the West Coss. A
carry-on containing various necessities I dkin't

want to give the airline a chance to lose was wonder the
seat in front of me. A briefcase was on my knees, conm-
my mobile antivirus lab: a laptop computer,

CD-ROM, and a modem. Some people ask me why 1
iJ] lug a laptop around, when the newer notebook and
computers are so light, compact, and power-

top :
ful. For one thing, I like a real keyboard; Chiclets are

fine for chewing, lousy for typing on. For another, my
contains three coprocessor boards that allow me

to run just about any currently used operating system—
try that with a palmtop.

-” Once we were airborne, I called George again so he
could fill me in on some more details.

“Goodknight,”” he said, “is an AI program that is
eed to teach itself how to play chess.”

@vilmibm my keyboard holds its flavor even after hours of typing/chewing!

@vilmibm what manner of cave-person uses chiclets when you have PalmOS Graffiti? :blobcattilt:

@polychrome @vilmibm Graffiti 1, of course. Graffiti 2 is garbage, even if it's non-infringing garbage.
@polychrome Probably ACCESS CO LTD, which owns all of PalmSource's assets. Thus far, they've done fuck-all with Palm OS, though. It's pretty much a dead platform, and I suspect ACCESS bought PalmSource for its patent portfolio.

That portfolio, oddly enough, does not include Graffiti 1. PalmSource was forced to stop using it by a patent lawsuit from Xerox. After being injuncted from using Graffiti (and forced to pay $US 22.5 million in licensing fees), PalmSource licensed the inferior Jot input system and rebranded it as Graffiti 2.

The original work by Xerox PARC, called Unistrokes, was never productized as far as I know. But they sure as hell enforced their patent.

@lonnon ah yes when companies sit on a trove of knowledge and keep anyone from using it even while they don't use it themselves.

There should be a law making companies use it or lose it.

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