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# reference a named route, for maximum internal consistency!

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my generative concrete poetry zine, Shadows is complete! featuring:

- all of the poetry I've created this month
- four pages of meows
- nine pages of not-meows
- over fifty thousand words!!

download it here:

this description of flour speculators in the 1800s just sounds like it's about software venture capitalists 'The reports railed against "an atrocious and wicked conspiracy by rich speculators," a group of "veritable vermin who prey upon the community".'

as i work on tildemush, a lovely person comes into the dev instance and creates a menagerie of items in between database wipes <3

finally hooked the map up to the client in tildemush :3

i did shrooms in the woods recently and went on a vision quest that resulted in deciding to get an MLS and embark on becoming a library director

good idea y/n

duck wine won but cork flew down into wine, spraying red all over me and kitchen

guess i'll drink the whole bottle

yo i may have lost a KDAY but i gained a JAMS


of the wine my landlord left for us, should i drink:

[ ] prosecco
[ ] the Cabernet Sauvignon with a duck on the label
[ ] the Cabernet Sauvignon without a duck on the label

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the sky above the port was the color of something cool and cyber, like a modem, or maybe wired magazine

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🛎️ new on the blog dingus

- a little visualization of how long the posts are

- "linux betrayed me," a blather about how "does it run linux?" was my metric for evaluating hardware for many years until i got the rug yanked out from under me when Android and TiVo and "Smart TVs" happened #gpl #gpl3 #linux

😕 i'm not happy at all with how repetitive and verbose this article came out, despite revision. it seems like that is infecting most of my writing lately. c'mon brain.

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drink combo: just vsauce scalding with a glass of hot

popular wisdom holds that the boys are "back in town", but i wonder, what if, they "never left"?

"it may have been over a year since we've been to arby's. we live in an arby's desert out here" -random tourist

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