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"so what's in the bucket" is a real question i was asked by a stranger today

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Unix the cat interrupted systems administration to knead my belly dough

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do you have ideas about making multiuser terminal environments more accessible to folks new to them? i'm starting to catalog some work around this for and would love to hear from other people:

going afk for a few hours :/ will resume sysadminning when i return

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There is not time for us to do the upgrade after the snapshot finishes. The server should be back up soon, but will experience degraded service into the evening.

Once ~vilmibm is back home tonight the actual upgrade (and another restart) will happen.

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we're upgrading ubuntu today! expect a few restarts as we snapshot and do the upgrade. we'll begin in a few minutes.

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we're temporarily pausing signups while we retool some systems.

more info here:

due to some severe mental health stuff that's going on i haven't been able to log into for some time. i don't know when i will come back but i intend to.

eheheheh hi streaming my dreamcast is working swimmingly! warming up with some Trickstyle then digging into D2

might stream my dreamcast tonight? i theoretically have all the needed wires and adapters

my favorite neighborhood irish pub (which had a v cute cozy fireplace and didn't get too loud or crowded) has closed and i'm inordinately sad about it is getting together to virtually hang out in my living room and watch VHS tapes if you want to join~

there's also a poll for what second movie to watch after the first one:

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