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The aesthetics of technology today doesn't even manage to be /ugly/, it's just drab. Terry Gilliam and old school ducts 'n wires cyberpunk were at least grand and appealing in their decrepitude. Nowadays it's just…bleah.

TRON: Legacy looks like the entire world was turned into a goth Apple store, which is especially bad considering how breathtaking the visuals in the original movie still ARE.

I'm not sure how much to blame The Evil King of Fruit per se and how much is just a lack of vision.

it's killing me that i can't ssh on this plane wifi i need to excitedly babble about python AST whitelisting in irc

i must babble and i have no port 22

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i just landed in new york and I'm here to say
j f k is too far away

graphql: what if programming, but 100x harder to debug, learn, document, and write?

it's me, successfully calling a perl binary from python finally

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It's been long enough since I released Mr. Friendly that I can appreciate all the writing I did for it. Still hoping to get a final release out before the end of this year.

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@cypnk OK, so I want to revisit this post.

I just read a review of the BlackBerry 950, which was essentially an e-mail appliance using 2-way pager networks:

In it, it mentioned an interesting tidbit: it had TWO WEEKS of battery life on a SINGLE AA battery.

Two weeks.

On one fucking AA.

That was with 4 MiB of flash and 512 kiB of SRAM, and an 80386 processor.

That's right, a frickin' 386, and it ran for two weeks on a AA.

Why can't we do this in 2018?

when i'm driving around LA with google maps navigation sometimes i turn on "avoid highways"

trips usually take 20-30 minutes longer, but the roads are much quieter

i always feel like i've clipped through the very linear highway levels and am floating through a quiet space

eventually i land on my home like it's a gigantic rotating GOAL ring

apparently young, rural, american me was perusing a filipino anime site in the early 2000s.

the internet is full of garbage, but i'll be forever thankful to it for confirming to me as a kid that there was more to the world than the woods outside my window.

i love temporary internet files. they don't reflect the exact goal of some web peruser, but all the little details in their peripheral vision while they journeyed.

they reconstruct the environment and atmosphere an early web person was wandering through in an undirected, ambient way.

but do you remember custom AIM avatars based on the aol icons

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