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i'm doing a new thing: a self-hosted, intermittently on livestream of my VCR with embedded chat.

It's a mix of me walking by and putting in random tapes throughout the day and scheduled events/showings.

If you'd like to hang out, plz DM me for an invite~

ohhh here she comes
she's a flan eater
ohhh here she comes
watch out flan, she'll chew you up

is it normal for masto to just hang with this under the "home" timeline?

do i like the fediverse? someone help me with this

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once booming manufacturing metropolises, both funkytown and pound town have struggled to cope with unemployment, population decline, and low wages associated with a long period of deindustrialization beginning in the 1980s

"so what's in the bucket" is a real question i was asked by a stranger today

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Unix the cat interrupted systems administration to knead my belly dough

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do you have ideas about making multiuser terminal environments more accessible to folks new to them? i'm starting to catalog some work around this for and would love to hear from other people:

going afk for a few hours :/ will resume sysadminning when i return

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There is not time for us to do the upgrade after the snapshot finishes. The server should be back up soon, but will experience degraded service into the evening.

Once ~vilmibm is back home tonight the actual upgrade (and another restart) will happen.

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