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do about the Hansons, then you'll be the first
to admit that young Taylor is by far the
dreamiest of the three brothers. And rightfully
so, Taylor (sigh) will be the game's hero as
you guide him and his brothers backstage

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Designing human-computer experience isn’t about building a better desktop. It’s about creating imaginary worlds that have a special relationship to reality—worlds in which we can extend, amplify, and enrich our own capacities to think, feel, and act.

-Brenda Laurel, Computers as Theatre

it's 2018 and i'm about to include Perl in a project and i'm really pumped about it. if anyone knows of an alternative to Graph::Easy i should be using I'm all ears but it works really well for rendering graphs as ascii/unicode.

APL is a hell of a drug:

V←' '⍴⍨99,⍨2×⍴P←∪,C←(2,⍨2÷⍨⍴G)⍴G←G/⍨⎕A∊⍨G←⍞⋄V[2×⍳⍴P;50]←P⋄M←1⋄G←⍴D←{⍵[⍋⍵]}¨↓P⍳C⋄{V[A B←⍵;L←50+M×⌽⍳G]∘←'-'⋄V[A+⍳B-A;⊃L]∘←'|'⋄V[⍵;⊃L]∘←'+'⋄M×←¯1⋄G-←1}¨2×D[⍒|-/↑D]⋄V

(i did not write this)

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just bought my partner an engagement ring

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in case you're wondering the recent study link is a 404 which kind of makes this even more perfect

definitely the best way to deflect criticism of your conspiracy theories

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The You won't believe this - of Spades - 〜

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combative: a Coca soda that'll leave you disturbed-Cola!

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Today the KANBAN|REAPER will be targetting users of the guru 1e1 for guru opensourcing

I just finished hate reading one of the worst books I've ever had the misfortune of starting, Cyberbooks. it's even worse than Headcrash, MagicNet, and WWW:Wake. I honestly thought MagicNet was the bottom of the barrel as far as cybermedia goes but now I'm afraid Cyberbooks is the herald of even greater suffering.

pouring one out for gvrossum today. i know he's not leaving python development or anything, but the implications of stepping down from an honorary "for life" position really gets me down.

guido has consistently been one of my computing heroes. he tried to make a language that was both friendly to learners and suited for large scale applications.

every time i interacted with him at pycon i was astonished at his genuine patience and kindness.

sad anyone wouldn't want him as a bdfl :(

"Although Xorg provides the basic framework for building a graphical environment, additional components may be considered necessary for a complete user experience."

ilu arch wiki

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I want toDesigns! rewrite my damn design in A so it can see Wchicken scheme what fuck is good for damn fucks

TIL some ants love to drink the sweet piss of aphids

i'm late to adventure time but can we talk about how lemon grab is a hero for people with anxiety disorders

many things in the world render me unable to function and reduce my internal dialog to screaming