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cars have turned every city into a polluted space wasting hellscape but they also make it so i dont have to sit next to a poor person on the bus so its impossible to say if theyre bad or not

person at this tech conference lives in SF and joked about throwing snakes at homeless people to keep them away.

i despise this industry so deeply. i'm thankful for every ounce of material comfort i've squeezed from it but am so excited to leave it as soon as it's feasible.

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I've been giving this a lot of thought and I want to know ... where do you think they got the cool explosion they used for the macguyver intro? did they blow something up for no reason other than to put words in front of it, or was it an explosion of some other unrelated thing that they went and reused for this purpose?

boomers at this resort bar bitching about soda taxes and talking loudly about pensions like some boomer markov bots

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Jason Scott just dumped the ZIL source code for every infocom game on github. Clone it before Activision's lawyers wake up. And now we see how long it takes for the internet to produce a compiler for a language that's been dead for 30+ years from a cache of production grade source code for said language. We've had compiled z-machine files, but never the original ZIL.

filling a work of art with pop culture references does not improve the work of art

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why hello

i've been removing social media from my information diet. gives me the fuzzies most of the time but it's hard to fit it into a world without infinite scrolling.

anyway hi, i should check here more

recommended: The Well State of the World 2019

the well is a forum that's been around since the 80s. in an era of forgetful context switching, it has a perspective shaped by decades of community and intentional interaction that i really appreciate.

enterprise software: it's a living (hell)

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