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tush dev is going nicely.

- audited every TODO in the code
- organized and augmented all the open issues
- implemented (random-number)
- implemented (sees)
- implemented a /read command for looking at other users' WITCH code
- fixed a bug with default editor setting (thanks @archangelic !)

i also kind of volunteered to maintain vim-hy since i'm back to using vim and make extensive use of Hy in tush...

oh i had just forgotten to start postgresql

*changes a bunch of comments and does some one line changes*


it's time for the tildemush mini-sprint! today, tomorrow, and friday I'll be dedicating a bunch of time to tush development.

I'm prioritizing finishing/polishing the WITCH implementation, but have marked a bunch of issues as help wanted / beginner friendly here:

I'm also thrilled for folks to contribute (not yet reported) bugs via github issues or just come hang out in on the town to chat about the project.

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The moment you think "OH SHIT MY BOTANY PLANT" but you log in and @mio has taken care of it for you 😌

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i just dropped $400 on a refurbished Sony SLV-R1000 prosumer VCR and i couldn't be happier

after many hours of the new RE2 i hear people enter my apartment building and stomp up the stairs and my immediate reaction is FUCK TYRANT IS BACK

wow TIL leon can accidentally kill ashley with a knife, to which he says "oh. no." like michael bluth

leon loves to hang out and see which things in his Attache Case - L spark joy

i have no imminent plans to become a streamer but if i did i'd play a clip of rich evans's OH MYYY GOOOOOOD every time someone followed

if anyone in chicago ever wants to hang out let me know~

i live near the brown/red line

have had a couple days ramp up on a depressive episode and here it is

cool hi wb

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I needed a snappy name for this project so I averaged together the inferred latent space vectors for 'phonetic', 'neologism', 'continuous' and 'space' and generated a new word from the average. it came up with "pincelate" which is kind of perfect?

main priorities are:

- completion of WITCH spec implementation
- improved error handling (client and server)
- improved client config handling
- documentation

tentatively planning a big tildemush dev sprint from 2/20 through 2/22. would love volunteers to help with beta testing, paper cut reporting, pairing or pr review <3

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