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eheheheh hi streaming my dreamcast is working swimmingly! warming up with some Trickstyle then digging into D2

might stream my dreamcast tonight? i theoretically have all the needed wires and adapters

my favorite neighborhood irish pub (which had a v cute cozy fireplace and didn't get too loud or crowded) has closed and i'm inordinately sad about it is getting together to virtually hang out in my living room and watch VHS tapes if you want to join~

there's also a poll for what second movie to watch after the first one:

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cars have turned every city into a polluted space wasting hellscape but they also make it so i dont have to sit next to a poor person on the bus so its impossible to say if theyre bad or not

person at this tech conference lives in SF and joked about throwing snakes at homeless people to keep them away.

i despise this industry so deeply. i'm thankful for every ounce of material comfort i've squeezed from it but am so excited to leave it as soon as it's feasible.

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I've been giving this a lot of thought and I want to know ... where do you think they got the cool explosion they used for the macguyver intro? did they blow something up for no reason other than to put words in front of it, or was it an explosion of some other unrelated thing that they went and reused for this purpose?

boomers at this resort bar bitching about soda taxes and talking loudly about pensions like some boomer markov bots

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