How do you explain to normal people that they don't have immunity to the current SARS 2 variants, especially after they've been told time and time again that this would all be over if only they got the jab? How do you explain that an mRNA vaccine isn't like a sterilizing vaccine? How do you explain that the "flu-like" symptoms are literally the work of the immune system, and that most people won't feel the damage inficted on them by the virus as it ravages their circulatory system, utterly destroys the blood-brain barrier thus making its way into your very mind? How do you explain that this thing fucks up your immune system so badly it can no longer fight off those viruses it was keeping at bay, reactivating illnesses such that they may strike again? How do you explain that the damage accummulates with each infection, that even if you're "healthy" now you're more vulnerable for your next infection? How do you explain that the eugenics they've normalized will be their own undoing?

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