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No one person, group, team, company, or co-op can meaningfully improve the sorry state of software if governments won't at least mandate the following:

- Interoperable communication
- Standardized data formats
- Self-serve data import/export

...and that's just scratching the surface.

@victoria Also, locking down firmware and operating systems should be banned, so that people can use alternative operating systems and app stores

@victoria I've raised a couple of these points in the past and I've always gotten push back at the idea of a government body to mandate a standard.

It doesn't matter that that happens in other industries for years. My example is always gas pumps, and (I think) EV charging connectors. If that didn't occur people would have to use specific gas stations to get gas.

Thanks for putting this out there. I no longer feel alone about standards.

- Interoperable communication
Have you seen the European DMA? It is looking pretty hopeful.

- Standardized data formats
- Self-serve data import/export
The GDPR is supposed to mostly fix these, but sadly compliance has been an absolute joke :(

@SylvieLorxu Not overly familiar with EU policy, unfortunately. But without the proper teeth, regulations will be pretty meaningless. Like GDPR seems to have been.

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