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A morning coffee
is my favorite way
of starting the day,
settling the nerves
so that they don't later fray.

β€” Marcia Carrington

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if they wear sheeps clothing are they woolves

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"No, in my many years of observing, studying and attempting to understand foxes, I cannot recall one instance in which one said, 'Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow'. Next question?"
– Probably a very tired Mammalogist

For a hot minute there, it seemed like Abraham Lincoln's beard style has a sharp uptick in popularity.

What's something you're looking forward to this month?

Career Counselor: Valerie, I'm not sure that healthcare is the right path for you.

Me: Why not?

Counselor: You burst out into giggles whenever anyone says 'analgesic'

Me: *giggling and nodding agreement*

Remember, those people who have been 'your rock' in life, need help too.

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New (to me) scam.

"Power company" calls. Power will be cut off in 30 minutes unless I pay right now. Had my name, address, and phone number, probably from one of the data leaks. Rep was a human, sounded like the real thing.

Hung up, called phone # on bill, verified we're good.

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*sees link touting review of software/service*

Me: "Oh, this sounds interesting, let's check it out."

*page is just an embedded youtube video*


You say pomodoro, I say tomato
You say patata, I say potato

On weekday mornings, I play a game called, "Do I have everything I need from the bedroom so I don't have to keep going back in and end up waking my SO up?"
I don't usually win this game, but today? Maaaaybe…

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Once, without bothering to read the back of a movie box, I picked up a movie callee "28 days" as I'd heard it was a pretty good survival/horror movie - my SO loves a good zombie flick. And I was impressed to see Sandra Bullock staring in it.
After about 30 minutes we began to wonder that perhaps this rehab story was going a bit deeper than a side story to a zombie virus thing.
Still, it was a good movie.

I don't believe we have ever seen "28 days *later*", the film I thought I was picking up.

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