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Having a flat in the UK: πŸ™‚
Having a flat in the US: ☹️

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The 'h' in 'software development' stands for 'happiness'.

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Dad Joke 

From Dom_Pepin at :birdsite: :

I heard the Mortal Kombat movie is going to have a Scandinavian choral arrangement on the soundtrack...

A Finnish Hymn

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Taking a moment to appreciate how much NASA's CGI rendition of the Perseverance landing looks like a Metal Gear Solid cutscene.

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Nothing ever ends poetically.
It ends and we turn it into poetry.
All that blood was never once beautiful.
It was always just red.

β€” Kait Rokowski

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There was a young man from Lahore
Whose limericks stopped at line four.
When asked why this was,
He responded, β€œBecause.”

”Javascript, also known as Java for short…”

🎢 Orbital - Copenhagen 🎢 

Artist: Orbital
Song: Copenhagen
Album: Copenhagen

🎢 Hyper - Clockwork - Original Mix 🎢 

Artist: Hyper
Song: Clockwork - Original Mix
Album: Lies

🎢 Gesaffelstein - Viol 🎢 

Artist: Gesaffelstein
Song: Viol
Album: Conspiracy Pt.2

🎢 Daniel Deluxe - Star Eater 🎢 

Artist: Daniel Deluxe
Song: Star Eater
Album: Magnatron

🎢 Perturbator - Future Club 🎢 

Artist: Perturbator
Song: Future Club
Album: Dangerous Days

"So, how was your day - what did you do?"

"It was great - I took chemistry."

"…Uhh, you 'took chemistry'? I didn't know you were enrolled."

*An array of pharmaceuticals is revealed*

"Ooh, okay - you literally 'took chemistry'

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Being nice to black people isn't anti-racism

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