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Goodnight, lovelies.

May be ever in your favor.

Happy !

What are your wins? Did you discover a "super earth" in the Gliese 887 system? Make a cup of tea or coffee that was "just right"?

Big, small, share 'em all. 😊

It's folks!
Did you win a Nobel prize for revealing hidden aspects of the cosmos? Make a nice cuppa tea? Got out of bed?

Big, small - share them all.

What are your wins?

It's !
Did you record a Marsquake? Get the framulator framulating? Made some tea?

Big, small - share em all.

What are your this week?

It's !
Did you catch the small rock impacting the moon during the Lunar eclipse? Did you make it from one room to the next?
Big, small - share them all.

My consists of getting proper amounts of sleep, waking up at a reasonable time to prep for the day, eating healthy meals and not skipping any.
Overall I'm pretty pleased with it. ☺️

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It's !
Did you discover a second repeating fast radio burst from a distant galaxy? Did you overcome an old bad habit?
Big, small, share them all.

My was successfully disassembling and reassembling a phone. I only lost two springs and damaged the replacement battery when shaping it to fit inside.
No, I don't have a fresh new battery, and the power button has lost some of its spring, but I put it all back together and it's working again. πŸ˜ƒ

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My win is my ever so gradual self acceptance, followed with a smidge of self kindness. A little progress is still progress. πŸ’ͺ

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It's folks!
What are your wins? Land a small robot on a planet over 56 million kilometers away? Did you roll over in bed and get more comfy?
Share your wins and spread the positivity!

It's a New Moon
What are some of your recent wins?

It's !
What are your recent wins? Are you on the cusp of proving dark energy is everywhere, therefore the dark side of the force is what surrounds us? Did you get out of bed?
Big, small - we want them all!

It's !
What are your wins? Did you sleep for 100 years, wake up and vanquish a powerful tyrant? Left shoe on left foot and the knot is still tied? Share your wins and tag em so we can all enjoy the positivity. 😁

My is finally getting to put together a production server for a critical project, so code doesn't have to be tested in prod! 😁

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It's !
I thought it was , and after the initial disappointment of not being one day closer to SaturnsDay, I realized what today was. 😁

What are your wins? What have you conquered and/or overcome? Did you stay in bed and get the rest you need? Did you get yourself up and do things? Have you figured out what connects the quantum arrow of time to the thermodynamic arrow of time?
Tag it and share your wins!

Good morning, fediverse!
What are your wins? I'd love to share your successes - we could all use some good news.

It's folks!
What are your recent wins? Did you discover water plumes ejecting miles into space from a Jovian moon? Did you manage to sit up in bed? Big, small, let's hear em all!

It's folks. What was your win? Discover a new organ in the human body? Sit up in bed? Big or small - share your wins.

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