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It's folks. What was your win? Discover a new organ in the human body? Sit up in bed? Big or small - share your wins.

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Did my yoga despite wondering how I'd have time for it all. Gonna shower soon, then make some more good things happen. :fire_friendly:

Way to push through and make good things happen! Nicely done!

@viciousviscosity My win is that you used this particular gif of Liz Lemon, which ... it me

Sometimes you just have to congratulate yourself. Have a high five from me anyway: ✋

@viciousviscosity remember that "one coat" epoxy project I started last December? Well, eight coats later it is finally done! Bubbles, drips, and ridges are finally defeated! (Mostly.) It would have been faster to just do a lot of coats of varnish, as I usually do. But I learned a lot, and the iridescence around the knots and other features is amazing.


@viciousviscosity Can you have #WINSDAY on Saturday?

Those epoxy countertops are installed, along with about 10 meters of various kinds of trim, and after 5 years the yurt kitchen is now 3 small trim bits away from completion.

On the other hand, it could easily take another 4 months to complete those trim bits.

That's fantastic, absolutely a win and a long time coming. Well done! 👏

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