Ah, rule #0 keeps biting me in the ass.
"Every system you setup for test and development will be used as a crucial, essential and necessary part of production."

Stuff I setup as a test 3 years ago is now being used by production. 😑

@viciousviscosity I've been bitten by that in the past. Now, I kill the box off when I'm done with the test.

I'm also pretty hostile about boxen that aren't marked "as production". A few unscheduled reboots later, the problem gets solved :)

@phessler These series of… unscheduled reboots… this… this could work… 🤔

@viciousviscosity "oh, I was just messing around with my test box. 'sorry' about that"

whether you give air-quotes while saying 'sorry' is up to you. I recommend it.

@phessler @viciousviscosity

*relates this to someone*

*said someone pauses, then picks up their work laptop with a faint smile and a gleam in their eyes*

@phessler @viciousviscosity

*shows them this toot, they grin and state they return the sentiment, and have the pager TOMORROW*

@viciousviscosity ah @vmann that's why you want me to do testing locally and only set up a VM for production use? :D

@viciousviscosity your rule 0 is way more stressful than my rule 0.... 🤔

@viciousviscosity rule 0: everything is gonna be okay.

rule 1: cars are always real.

rule 2: if you think you can fly, start from the ground[1]

rule 3: rm is forever. mkfs is EXTRA forever.

[1] OR with multiple trained instructors who know they can fly holding on to you.

@gdkar That is an excellent set of rules. Particularly rule 0.

@viciousviscosity yeah.... they may not have, uhhh, originated in the soberest of contexts, but their honestly pretty widely applicable.

they've also, uh, seen some updates recently. 😅

@gdkar Had some instructor encounters recently, eh? heheh

@viciousviscosity yeeeeeah, a bunch of people i know started skydiving and.... yeah.

@viciousviscosity mostly the observation that actually Accelerated Free Fall training discipline is probably also aight. 🤷

@gdkar @viciousviscosity

"accelerated freefall training"

...this is how I feel aging. Only forwards, faster, through time forever until I disintegrate.

@Mainebot @gdkar

Ah, yes, the entropy of time, accelerated freefall linear timetravel.

@Mainebot @viciousviscosity seeee.... that's why you're supposed to have two instructors and an AAD the first couple jumps.......

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