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@rey ahhhh, I am working on installing Java for maximal awakening myself. 😄


Great great. My holidays are finish 😥
And you ? How have you been ?

@cafou 😄 Today is feeling like a pretty good day. Glad to hear you're doing great!

@Skiant I'm feeling pretty good, thank you. How about yourself?

@Skiant @viciousviscosity Well, we're going to have to put a stop to *that* 😏

@zigg @Skiant Hey, productive and "on mastodon" don't have to be mutually exclusive. 😏

@viciousviscosity @zigg Yeah maybe I should make that PR about the light theme to the core project? That would solve it.

@Skiant @viciousviscosity I ❤️ light themes's is very nice 😊

@Skiant Huzzah! I hope the goodness and productivity continues!

@viciousviscosity I hatched this morning, but turned out to be Snorlax.