While it would be fun to actually look up and know why freelancers are called such, I chose to envision days of yore when mounted jousters would roam the land, freely, offering their skills at lancing to entertain and earn coin.

@Keltoi Oh, thats kinda cool; rarely is anything I fantastically dream up any more anywhere on the map near close. 🙃

@viciousviscosity Yep! it was coined in the 1800s probably (based on confirmed useage) but to refer to the idea of middle-ages mercenaries who werent sworn to one lord or another, thus, a free lance.

@Keltoi @viciousviscosity

If you're a fan of Japanese culture, _Ronin_ is what they call those Samurai mercenaries, not sworn to any Lord from their feudal period, 1100-1800.

@GOwin @viciousviscosity Im aware of Ronin, freelance was pertaining to medieval british culture, given the sources, for context

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