User: “Hi, I’d like to hear a torrent .”
Tracker: “I will refer you to people who can tell you a joke.”

Peer 1: “Why d”
Peer 2: “cken”
Peer 3: “road?”
Peer 4: “id th”
Peer 3: “cross”
Peer 1: “e chi”
Peer 5: “ the”

Peer 2: “the o”
Peer 4: “To ge”
Peer 1: “side.”
Peer 5: “ther “
Peer 2: “t to "

@viciousviscosity Spotted some data inconsistencies, so I can only assume if you execute this joke on your computer, it becomes part of a botnet.

@benhamill The joke is, if you can see it, you’re already part of a botnet. 😯

@viciousviscosity Tracker: Now share this torrent joke with other people or we'll ban you for leeching.

@viciousviscosity Sets the client to download pieces in sequential order. :3

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