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What's something you're looking forward to this month?

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@yuki Oh! - let me add that to my list of things to look forward to this month too! 😄

@wim_v12e Nice 😄 Is it a confluence of events allowing that, or just the right time of year?

@viciousviscosity It's because the lockdown restrictions have been lifted. Before, we were not allowed to leave our local council area. No hillwalking in Glasgow. I haven't been in the hills since last August.

@wim_v12e Oh wow, that's really going to be a nice bit of normalcy restored. Just to get up and go out.

@viciousviscosity I will! Wednesday's weather looks OK, so that will be the day 😄

off topic Glasgow geography 

That's a nippy restriction. I remember I used to travel into and out of S Lanarkshire council area when cycling from the southside to the east.

off topic Glasgow geography 

@priryo @viciousviscosity You can do long walks in Glasgow but in fact I am sure I have crossed the boundary with East Dumbartonshire a few times because I usually go to Dawsholm Park and Garscube Estate and part of that is in Bearsden .

A gathering of more than 2 people?? That's great to hear - gosh being social again, I keep forgetting that's happening in places 😊

@viciousviscosity First vacation for a couple of years, self catering in the wonderful English Lake District

@Stringbender Oh that sounds like a lovely time - getting to untether from work and have a nice visit elsewhere.

@viciousviscosity Art shows! We're vaccinated, and our favorite art shows are staying back up. Gonna buy so much pottery at the fine craft fair.

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