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Which type of morning person are you?

@viciousviscosity tbh, it greatly depends on the morning. Today is an easy morning and I haven't touched caffeine yet. Yesterday was a "crushing realization I'm out of monster" morning.

I find myself moving from 🎶good morning🎶 to c͠o͠҉f̧̛̕f̡͜͞e҉̴̡e͘ the further along in the week I am - I understand that feeling.

@viciousviscosity my body runs pretty well on autopilot, as soon as my daughter is awake, but my brain is quite happy about a c͞ȯ͌ͯ͂̀͜͜͞f͊҉̵́͟f͜͠͠e̛͗̈́ once we sit down for breakfast

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