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馃憢 hello lovelies
What have you been up to?

:blobcheer: I'm glad to see you too.
Hope your cans are delivering good tunes!

@viciousviscosity Just healing up nice from my prior accident

Haven't seen you in a bit; hope you're doing well :D

It's good to hear the healing is going nicely 鈽猴笍
Haven't been up to all that much; things are going relatively well. 馃槃

@viciousviscosity Still several inches above the water line and still paddling, so it's all good. :flan_smile:

There's more to living than only surviving
Maybe I'm not there, but I'm still trying
May your floatation device be full and buoyant, Rick! 馃槃

@viciousviscosity Taking the week off of work to help my partner recover from surgery. A lot of which is fetching things, going for walks, playing card games, etc. It's kinda the best vacation cause I get to just hang out with my favorite person.

That's beautiful. Taking care of them, and getting to spend all that time together - it doesn't get much better than that! 鉂わ笍

@viciousviscosity running power to the office yurt. Snuggling Doggo1, who is scared of rain and strong wind. Working at my job, which is currently a lot of fun when I'm not dealing with IT.

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