Hills seem bad.
People complain about the struggle of going up hill.
It is also considered bad when things "go down hill"
And hills are places on which people choose to die.

Avoid hills, just go around.

@viciousviscosity They can either have shining cities, or billies, and you never know which. If the latter, the hills have eyes.

@viciousviscosity I have heard "it's all downhill from here" as meaning it's going to be easy. It's very confusing.

@viciousviscosity and also there's The Fool on the Hill, a solitary figure who is not understood by others, but is actually wise [citation needed].

@viciousviscosity Being "middle aged," I am sometimes told that I am "over the hill."

Honestly, I don't remember climbing a hill, but I have to say that the view from here is pretty clear.

@viciousviscosity a new virus hits lungs, very dangerous.
Avoid lungs at all costs..

oh, and let's not forget that "the hills have eyes" brrr

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