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Happy !

What are your wins? Did you discover a "super earth" in the Gliese 887 system? Make a cup of tea or coffee that was "just right"?

Big, small, share 'em all. 😊

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That's wonderful to hear! I'm happy you're doing so well! 😊

Launching #starbase0 was the first step for me to try to make a real difference in the world. It's a small win for now, but one that will lead to more wins as more people are joining and contributing already. #WinsDay

That's great! It can be such a joy to watch something you're passionate about and invested in start to grow. 😊

@viciousviscosity I've been a programming dabbler for a long time, but never made anything that wasn't much more than a hundred or so line shell program. I decided a couple months ago to try my hand at making an iOS app, and try to do something that's proper. Take advantage of multiple features of the platform, be more than the most basic of MVPs, even make an icon for it. I wanted it to be something that I would actually use.

It's something very niche to my needs, but I've got a version 1.0 nearly done that I'm proud of. The big win was learning the specifics of how a lot of apps work on a modern system. I plan to do a bit of a refactor to take what I've learned would be a better way to arrange stuff, but overall, I'm happy with finally having this particular task completed finally. It's also got me thinking of other ideas to try, since I feel like I can actually take these from ideas to complete apps.

A personal accomplishment that you can be proud of - the process as well as the result! To look at something you've done and it makes you smile. 😊

@viciousviscosity I counted the number of times i had to do a full turn on my bike pedals to get from climbing gym to home! It's about 850 cycles!

Oh wow, so peddle there, you finish climbing and then you peddle back - nice work! 😊

I wonder if we shouldn't have "cycles" as an arbitrary unit of distance. πŸ€”πŸ˜

@viciousviscosity Yes! Coming back is exhausting but a good wind-down - though it is uphill xD

it would be really arbitrary considering i changed gears quite a bit :V

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