I spent 5 minutes looking for my keys this morning, two of which I used the Tile to try and locate them.

I could faintly hear the sounds from the Tile, but it seemed to be coming from everywhere.

Because the keys were in my purse… which I had slung over my shoulder.

How's your morning?

quarantine stuff mention 

quarantine stuff mention 

quarantine stuff mention 

@viciousviscosity I had a very pleasant morning ☺️

Then work, then pleasant again. 😆

That's a bothersome middle bit of the day, innit? 😆

@viciousviscosity We should just wake up, enjoy the morning, go back to sleep, and wake up again in time for the evening 🤔

I subscribe to this idea. Perhaps it's something we can do at the end of the week. And also the beginning. And wishing so during the week as well.

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