It's Wednesday! I thought it was Tuesday up until now.
This is a good feeling; the week is half over!

I have a friend's birthday skate/costume party coming up Friday night. One day closer!

I gotta figure out my costume.

Oh nice! Costumes you can skate in, hmm? Nothing flowy or loose then? Is that inline skating?


The rink will have four-on regular skates available, but I'll be bringing my inlines.

So long as my pants aren't too long & loose, I'll be fine


It'd be an odd day in the first place if I found myself inclined. ;)

I need to dye my hair today. I might cut swirls in my short hair and go as famous Japanese wrestler & MMA competitor, Minoru Suzuki.

A red Minoru Suzuki on wheels.
I can see that. 😄

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