Today I remind myself, and anyone who needs to hear it, that when I look at past moments and cringe, it means I am a better person today.

So are you.

@viciousviscosity I remember when you and I first met in this crazy place some years back. Both of us have come a long way in caring for ourselves and our friends. ❤️

@viciousviscosity @Iuckyduck this is lovely. i'm also learning to use those moments to practice self compassion. past us were all doing the best we could with where we were at the time. maybe we were more ignorant or insensitive or mistake-prone but we were younger and it takes time to learn how not to be those things. probably a lifetime.

Self compassion is a difficult journey for me, but I understand it's importance.

That's wonderful that you're able to practice it and with such a honest understanding about who you were and what you had to work with. ❤️

@viciousviscosity <3 <3 <3 v. hard to remember this, I'm grateful for the reminder

<3 always happy to bring good things to remembrance. 😊

@viciousviscosity I have the feeling, the opposite can also be true :(

Not cringing over past things? Or not feeling like a better person?

If I ever set goals for improving as a person, I'd never meet them; for me it's been a matter of time, perspective, and understanding to get me where I am.

Seeing the person I am now doesn't absolve me from my past, but helps me to better appreciate the way I look at things now, and that I have willfully and purposefully made changes about my behavior regarding those memories.

@viciousviscosity I've gotten off of the wrong foot and meant something like also being possible for people to become worse persons and cringe at their past deeds.

I've just never seen the word cringe on the internet with a context outside of mockery.

@viciousviscosity The people who cringe at what they've done years ago just forget the context in which they've done it. We live in an asshole society and people would cringe at their attempts to fit in, especially in high-school, before (spoilers) slowly being accepted as very soft people.

That may be true for some folk in some situations, but that hasn't my experience, overall.

Sometimes I made poor decisions based purely on selfish goals.

I believe there's room for self-forgiveness in either case.

@viciousviscosity > I believe there's room for self-forgiveness in either case.


I'm sorry because I've misinterpreted what you'd written. I agree with this, then.

@viciousviscosity I'm not. I'm a fluffy ball of misery and bitterness, come to bite all the bad people in rueful vengence. Gurrr.

You have better rueful vengeance and a sharper bite today then you did back then? ☺️

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