*bart simpson at the blackboard voice*: we don't need better hardware, we need more efficient software, we don't need better hardware, we need more efficient software, we...

@viciousviscosity @djsundog IRL ( I recently learned) gnu command, yes "We don't need better hardware we need more efficient software" would efficiently repeat forever.

@viciousviscosity @djsundog do you remember when Microsoft was saying that rendering Angular or React or something was too heavy for low-powered devices so their big idea was to run the website on a server and stream it to the low-powered device as video

y'know, because it's so hard to render a website with some text and maybe a button on it

@viciousviscosity @djsundog I tried debugging a React app once

I added a debugger statement and then my browser showed me some completely unrelated code nowhere near the code I was trying to test

so this is a system so complicated that the program running it can't figure out how it's supposed to work

We'll eventually come to find out no one actually knows how any of it works, it's just frame works built on libraries built on frameworks… ad nauseum 😄

Oh my god, this.

I remember when Microsoft announced a new version of Windows, "runs faster than ever before!" and then in the fine print it needed a much faster CPU and twice the memory to run. :blobfacepalm:

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