Why is it that the people who are wrong have so much more energy?

@viciousviscosity They have the same energy, they just sap yours at thrice the normal rate due to Black Magicks

@viciousviscosity They don’t spend any of it listening to anyone else

"listening to the sound of their own voice" is so common


they aren't slowed down at all by the brakes that sensible people use in their opinions.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @viciousviscosity
ditto. thinking slows you down. therefore those people tend not to do it.

@fruit44 @viciousviscosity

one of the best pieces of driving advice i ever heard was from the Grand Prix racing driver Alain Prost:

decelerate into the curve
accelerate out of it

this might seem like common sense.

some people don't slow down at all, and it's entirely their fault when they crash and burn.

@viciousviscosity Because their wrongness is exhausting to everyone else. It's like smog.

@viciousviscosity there is a real answer to why the wrong people have more energy: the bullshit asymmetry principle. It takes an order of magnitude more energy to refute a bullshit statement than make one. Example: "there are only two genders and transexuals aren't one of them." See how I can start a fucking shitstorm with zero effort?

@viciousviscosity thanks, I didn't work hard on it 😃 it contains 2 whole baits!

@viciousviscosity gonna start being wrong about fiiiiiiive things every morning to wake me up for the day ( i will not ) ( okay i will probably be wrong about things every morning but not, like, on purpose )

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