There are some things in Guardians of the Galaxy that I just cannot suspend disbelief over: primarily that the orange fuzzy coating on the Walkman headphones have lasted so long.

@viciousviscosity Also batteries. Probably most of that thing's Galactic tech replacement parts by now.

Yeah, some fancy multi decade spanning battery power.

@viciousviscosity Did anyone back then have a pair without at least one headphone poking through?

I recall a bit of prop department trivia from the film that all the real vintage foam headphones covers had disintegrated, so they had to make new ones from scratch. It was apparently a major undertaking!

@readsteven @viciousviscosity

ISTR a lot of these headphones (even from different manufacturers) were the same dimensions, and replacement covers were widely sold in electronics shops, although curiously orange was less common (maybe the movie producers wanted a particular shade of orange).

it seems that headphone covers are still available today, even though this style of headphone is less common...

Oh now that is interesting. I'm always amazed at the depth of props in movies, for such small things.

@viciousviscosity And how did he listen to that tape so many gd times over the course of 15+ years without the magnetic tape breaking?

Gotta be some special Terra tech space conditioning going on.

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