"Okay, so this is Sisal rope, made from a plant. Inexpensive, won't fall apart in saltwater. Over here we have Manilla rope. Mostly used for decoration, or inside use - not great out in the sun. If you follow me this way, we have some synthetics: Nylon, very stretchy, and Kevlar, incredibly strong."

"Uh, this is great and all, but… why are we doing this?"

*puzzled look* "You asked me to show you the ropes. So here we are."

Are you sure you are not actually a dad? Because this would make my kids groan in a heartbeat. And it will, the next time the opportunity presents itself.


My father is a wordsmith. Groaning was never really a thing; we tried to see how much word play we could get back and forth between him my sister and myself. Simpler times. ☺️

My kids SHOULD be playing word games, but all I ever get is "🤨 Dad. C'mon."


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