I am not familiar with the myriad of Dremel things, but I am in need of one for a small bit plastic grinding. Is Dremel still the way to go? Is there some particular bit/head I should get for plastic or multi purpose?

I don't expect to use it often, and probably not on anything larger than a few electronics mods, if that factors in.

@viciousviscosity are you cutting specific shapes out of the plastic or are you just softening/sanding the existing shapes?

In this particular case, I'd be sanding/grinding down existing plastic to make room for components.

@viciousviscosity most dremel kits will come with a basic variety of dremel bits. my guess is your gonna want to use a rubber cylinder mandrel (w/ sandpaper) to gouge out plastic. looks like dis

@viciousviscosity ime the most difficult part of picking a bit for a dremel job is hitting the location at the right angle. for instance if you you need to get to the plastic at like a 45 degree angle with a cylinder mandrel, the top of the bit will hit the plastic so you may end up needing to use a disk piece

It does, I understand what you're illustrating - cant be long if you're going at angles or it will rip through the bits you're not going after. Disc gives more fine tuned control.

Okay, yeah, I see those in the kits I'm looking at. Thanks!

@viciousviscosity I'm quite fond of my dremel.

I use the various grinding wheels on low speeds (green and pink I think)

I also use the various cut off wheels for metal as well on plastics. Just be mindful of speed and heat 😉

I'd definitely suggest a variable speed one. I've got one of the battery powered ones and lightly use it and it's years old now.

@viciousviscosity I got a cheaper Chinese chuck off on alibaba. It’s 6 speed, came with a heap of attachments and cost half that of a less powerful Dremel. Have used it for over a year now and no complaints.

@viciousviscosity For tweaks of really small dimensions in plastics, I would choose one of the burrs [carbide?] as a bit. They come down to about 1/8" dia in various shapes - e.g. ball, cylinder, cone.

Personally I use a Proxxon rotary tool [german manufr] rather than Dremel, but whatever works, works.

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