What if you're spending all this time being sad because you've been told you need to do something with your life, but you've been giving the wrong measuring instruments?
What if the "you're capable of so much more" is solely someone else's distorted view of you?

Mother, Efi was born 'good enough'. She's beautiful, loving and wonderful on her own, no measure of success or success will ever change the fantastic person she is.

@viciousviscosity Inspire a friend today with the counter-exhortation "You're capable of so much less than this"

@viciousviscosity Everyone is good at something. Too bad sometimes that something does not fit well in other people's expectations. Poeple will always view us with their own idea of what we should be. It's a human problem. most people never see us as we really are.

I'd count myself lucky if I were to see myself as I really am.

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