I think you have the right of it, @Jenkar - we do live in a world. Yeah, that's right. We post modems.

@viciousviscosity @Jenkar I still have my Hayes 3/12, exactly like that one. Ran my first BBS on it.

@xmanmonk @viciousviscosity @Jenkar I got a US Robotics 9600 HST the moment they came out, too, for my BBS. Such fun. Still have that one, too. I bet they both work.

@Ricardus @viciousviscosity @Jenkar All I had when I started out was a home-built 300 baud :) Of course, there wasn't much to call locally, and I couldn't pay a long-distance bill in those days. I was still learning about the blue box.

@xmanmonk @viciousviscosity @Jenkar Was that from Steve Ciarcia's circuit published in Byte magazine?

@xmanmonk @viciousviscosity @Jenkar Love his column. I remember that one. Not sure why I never built it.

@Ricardus @viciousviscosity @Jenkar It was always fun, and it got me to major in electronics engineering when I decided to go to college.

@xmanmonk @viciousviscosity @Jenkar The audio recording magazine equivalent to Ciarcia's column was a column in Mix Magazine written by Eddie Ciletti. All kinds of geeky tech goodness.

@viciousviscosity @Jenkar Turns out the last halfway decent photo of a working modem I have is about 15 years old...

@viciousviscosity "I sense something; a presence I have not felt since... "" , I can almost hear the noise @Jenkar

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